TvOS & Roku Apps

Streaming Development

Here at ManDeo, our tried-and-true team of full-stack developers harnesses the capability to take your revolutionary app-ideas to Apple Tv and Roku platforms. With millions of families owning the Over-The-Top budget-friendly streaming devices, having an app that is able to stream within the platform provides a definitive edge over competitors.

Roku Development

ManDeo has facilitated the development of Roku Channels for businesses and independent contractors who were looking to plug their content into Roku. This streaming platform has become a necessity for media and advertising entities looking to grow their digital footprint. We develop apps using BrightScript and Scenegraph and are well versed with Roku submission guidelines and other steps involved to submit the apps to the store successfully.


Synonymously, ManDeo offers the capability to take OTT application ideas to the Apple TV platform. The seamless and aesthetic Apple TV interface is the perfect place to transform your media and advertising content, making it available to the eyes of millions. We use Apple TV Markup Language(TVML), Apple Human-Interface-Guidelines, and Test flight to submit your application to the App Store.


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