Theatre Advisors


Theatre Advisors provides a platform for those looking to organize and structure their effort to audition for theatre arts programs. The members portal as well as an application help the student navigate the complex process of applying for colleges and starting their acting career. Theatre Advisors is based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

We developed a marketing website to promote their business and then linked it to the app. Given that they were a start-up, we took scalability into consideration and chose Amazon EC2 as the hosting platform. At the same time to keep the operating costs low, we hosted the marketing website on GoDaddy.



We choose technologies that are right for the project NOT what we are comfortable using. MERN stack was the right choice given all the technologies are open source. They are lighter on the client budget given they were a start-up. Not only that MERN stacks are known to scale much better. Also because of React Js, we had to option to develop the iOS and Android Apps in the most efficient way. MERN stack hosted on Amazon EC2 gave the client the strong foundation they need to get started without having to worry much about scaling costs or efforts.

Responsive site developed on WordPress so that it’s easy for the client to configure the packages and run several other promotions. Also, because of WooCommerce, it saved the time and effort involved in developing and integrating the website with Payment gateway.