Social Marketing

Bringing Exposure To Your Brand

Nine times out of ten, the difference in success rates between business competitors is not their effectiveness in their field, nor their superior customer service. It is who is in the right place at the right time, who gets the attention of the audience first. Digital Media Marketing is much more than simply following trends and posting content regularly; captivating your audience requires data-driven analytical market research. ManDeo is fully prepared to assist you.

Social Marketing Strategy

After establishing your brand’s presence across all relevant social media platforms, a content calendar will be created, incorporating all the benchmark competitive analyses from emerging digital trends. Within the calendar will be actionable promotion ideas, exclusive social media postings, and invigorating MailChimp Email Campaigns that get potential customers ecstatic about your brand.

Effective Marketing

The beautiful part about digital marketing is that the numbers don’t lie. The ManDeo team is beyond “best-practice methods”, executing on a basis of adaptability. An approach that is not working will be met with deeper market research and tweaks to social media market branding. We bring a holistic approach that encompasses more than just conversion rates, focusing on how the brand image feeds website and mobile app metrics.


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